Product Center

  • Micro Jet Sprinkler Irrigation

    Yibiyuan manufactures micro spray jets of high quality at reasonable prices. These micro jet irrigation devices are durable and wear-resistant, reliable operation

  • Drip Irrigation System Parts

    Yibiyuan supplies a full range of high-quality drip irrigation parts like various mini plastic valves

  • Irrigation Water Cannon Big Rain Gun

    The working principle of a water cannon rain gun is: the water wheel driven by the powerful water flow drives the vortex rod to rotate, which then drives the turbine, and transmits it to the universal rod

  • Agriculture Drip Irrigation Pipe

    Yibiyuan boasts of over 10 years experience in designing and manufacturing custom agriculture drip irrigation system in China.

  • Vegetable Garden Irrigation

    Vegetable garden irrigation system delivers the water (after filtering)right to the roots of vegetable crops through low-pressure drip lines.

  • Drip Sprinkler System For Grass Watering

    Drip sprinkler system is a low-pressure, low-volume lawn and garden watering solution that delivers water to home landscapes using various drip sprinkler heads. Yibiyuan manufactures different styles of micro sprinkler heads and supporting spikes.

  • Drip Irrigation Accessories And Tools

    16mm drip tape comes with pre-built-in drippers inside a LDPE pipe from DN 16 mm and higher diameter.

  • PVC Layflat Hose

    The blue or colored PVC layflat hose offers excellent functionality for a range of farm irrigation, water supply and dewatering applications such as basement or cellar drainage.

  • Factory Area

    The company covers an area of 15,000 square meters, with a construction area of 5,000 square meters, and has a total investment of 3 million RMB.

  • Production Capacity

    The company produces and sells 5,000 tons of water-saving irrigation equipment annually.

  • Product Application

    The products are widely used in water-saving irrigation of farm & greenhouse vegetables, herbs, strawberries and various fruit trees.

  • After-sales Service

    We will be online 24 hours a day to solve all kinds of problems for you.